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Custom Creations


Your distant fantasies come to life through

music, dance, costuming, and ambiance. We will work with your creative mind to breathe life into your vision. What is your wish? 


Whether it's picking your favorite songs or having a band for us to dance to, we can provide custom entertainment to meet your needs.




  Moving Statues

Step into an enchanted world and move in a spiritual realm dazzled with divine beings, as the world around you drifts away. Mirror the dancer's movement, and when the moment is right, the dancer will begin to follow your movements. At that point you become a moving statue.


Our moving statues can be great ambience or the life of the party. This is interactive entertainment at it's best, transcending entertainment into another demention. 


The elegantly created themed costumes are themselves mesmerizing. 



Themed Entertainment 

Themed entertainment pieces are offered. Choose your theme and we provide the appropriate music, dances, and costumes. Lengths can range from 5 to 30 minutes.


Please see our repertoire page for our complete list of offerings. 

For our rates please contact us, we are happy to provide a quote

for your entertainment needs!

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